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Inspecting a Hoarders house

 Our subject house today was built in 1996. The owners had apparently lived there a long time, cause they had "stuff!" I am being polite of course as I say "stuff" cause it was packed in tightly, but not neatly! Some people may call it hoarding... Some may call it collecting! I could not even see the water supply plumbing and drains in the 

bathrooms. I am being polite here because they definitely did not have the house ready for an inspection of any kind. I am going to throw their agent under the bus a little bit by not informing their client the house must be accessible for inspection. But I thought it couldn't be tooo bad cause there were no odors, damp smell or anything crazy like that. 



Under the kitchen sink was another animal! This guy was a piece of work... even old Uncle Bob couldn't top this! Well... maybe but I would put him up against him! The compression fitting on the plastic water line on the supply valve was leaking so what did he do?

Putty of course! I cannot confirm that because this inspector would not touch it or taste it, I know... sissy.


The whole floor of the cabinet rots out because he let it go or didn't know it was leaking because of all the "stuff", he replaces it with a wonderful piece of plywood, then some sort of plastic cover... no TWO plastic mats! Double protection! He had that baby all gooped up; trouble is it was still leaking and water was standing on his pretty mats. If you're gonna collect "stuff", maybe a set of shelves or a special closet area would work better than packing it in all around your plumbing. How do you find something in there anyway... hands and knees?


"Go cut another pieces of plywood for the floor Bob... this one is going fast, it's rotting as we speak"

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